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What is Facial Fitness

Facial Fitness is simply taking your face to gym!  When you think about it, it’s so obvious.  In the same way that we might go to the gym, walk, cycle or do a Pilates class, we’re aiming to strengthen and tone the muscles, feel well and look great.



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Tone your facial muscles
& be the best version of you...

All muscles, including those in the face, slacken over time if they are not used. The good news is they can be trained to become firmer and strong again. Look at the amazing improvement we see in toned bodies at the gym. With my guidance you can do the same for your face too – at any age, male or female.

We can show you how, with just a few minutes of exercise 4-5 days a week:

  • Nose to mouth lines will lessen
  • Upper cheeks will be lifted and fuller
  • The jaw line will be firmer
  • Eyelids will be stronger and lifted

Take the first step to a radiant you!

Courses available in Yorkshire, Lancashire and across the north of England, by kind agreement of Eva Fraser.

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Latest News & Offers
19th February 2018
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